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    1. Factory Facility Improvement Services
    2.   - Factory electric Facility's improvement        consulting.
    3.   - Power failure measures, and power supply        trouble shooting.
    4.   - Selection, sales, installation, maintenance of        Uninterruptive Power Supply (UPS)
    5.        Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR)
    6.        TRANSFORMER (TR)
    7.   - LED Light Emitting Diode) lighting design    
    8.   - SOLAR Power System
    9.       PV Panel CIGS) sales




    1. Energy Conservation,Power Saving,
        Consulting Services
    2.    - Analysis service in conservation of energy       and power saving investment.
    3.    - Maintenance for Factory electrical             facility education, training, and guidance
    4.        training service WORK
    5.    - Power Monitoring service and Electricity        quality analysis service
    6.    - Calbration Equipments Service.  
    7.    - Rentals Equipment Services




  1. Building and Factory Systems Design Work

        -Electrical system    

  2.     -Mechanical system

        -Air Conditioning system

  3.     -Compressed Air supply system
  4.     -Cooling water supply syste
  5.     -Partition & Floor Paint Work
  6.     < New ECO-COAT>
  7.   「Glass Eco Coat」 Enegery Saving Product URL://www.zerocon.co.jp/





















  Power Saving Equipment

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  Temperature &  Humidity    Recorder (Tand D)

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  Measurement Equipments

  • Gravity Recorder (G-MEN)
  • Water, Gas, CO2/O2 METER Illumination UV Recorders
  • Scientific/Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • Electrical Field Measurments
  • Multi Insulation Resistance Tester (MIS-D, MIS-A)




  • Power Back-Up
  • Power Trouble Shooting
  • Current Leak,
  • Trouble Analysis,
  • Engineering Services

   AC Current Sensor

   DC Current Sensor

   AC Current Relay

   I/V Convector

mobi. TUBE LIGHT), High Bay Light (CTU, INDUSTRIAL),

  • LED Flood Light (CNA), High Power LED (YNA)
  • WI-Fi data logger (Tand D) (TR-71wf/TR-72wf-S/TR-75wf/nw)
  • Illumination Intensity Recorder (Tand D) (TR-74Ui), Co2 (TR-76Ui)
  • Multi-purpose Data Recorder (Tand D) (MCR-4CT), (MCR-4V)
  • Gravity Recorder (G-MEN), (U-RD)
  • Insulation Resisteration Tester(MUILTI)
  • Solar system and PV panel ( CIGS ), Solar Power Meter (SPM-1116SD)
  • SEKISUI tapes (Orien Tape No.830), (Smart Cut Tape No.833)
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